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As a manufacturer of blister machines for Research and Development departments we constantly work with developers and manufacturers of film and foil. Many films and foils are tested with the assistance of our team before they are put into production at a film and foil manufacturers site.

Through constant research Pentapack achieved a high level of competence within the market of blister machines.

The mechanical side of a machine is researched by means of advanced 3-D software that allows to design the mechanical components of a machine. With the same software movements can be simulated so that the best possible result can be achieved.

The electronic side of the machine is developed with assistance of the market leaders within the programmable logic control field. Analyzing speed and durability of components is a key element.

Development of software to aid the hospitals in the packing of their medication is developed and analyzed by our own team so that we are up to speed with the newest regulations in coding blisters for bed side registration.

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