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SP series.

SP200 blister machine

The SP200 is a versatile blister machine which is capable of producing both small batches as well as large production runs. Through its unique design large format tools can be used to achieve a high output, and at the same time the use of small format tools is a key element for the packaging of small batches. Combined with its variable punch station options, the SP200 is a valuable tool in your packaging arsenal.The SP200 machine is designed to meet cGMP standards which include balcony construction for easy cleaning and product format change-overs that are completely tools-free.

Because of the unique design concepts used, additional stations can be easily added to the SP200. Even the length of the machine can be changed thanks its modular design. The integration of servo drives make it possible to obtain great accuracy, efficiency and flexibility in setting up the machine, running it efficiently and controlling the opening of the stations.

Quick tool change

Very easy to use and very low maintenance

Manual and automatic filling, including robot systems

Maximum 8 stations

Maximum foil width 268mm

Maximum poocket depth 40mm

Final blister:

Straight Knife

Round Corner Die Punch

Vision inspection:

     –  Inspect Product Placement

     – Integrity

      – Color

Length feeding area: 1500mm

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